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Join ECLSO - Our membership options

Group membership

The ECLSO is a federation of national societies of Ophthalmologists; all members of these societies are automatically ECLSO members. Please consult your national representative if you want to join as a member of a national group.

Do not have a national representative but would like to become a member of ECLSO?

Either consider:

  • An Individual membership or;

  • talk to members of your country society to see if as a group you would like to apply to become an ECLSO Country Group.

Individual membership for ophthalmologists and optometrists

Ophthalmologists from countries which are not members of our society can apply as individual members.

Applicants must make an application to the Secretary-General and be accepted as individual member during the next meeting of the Praesidium.

Please complete your application - Here.


The annual membership fee for individual members is 30 €.


Optometrists may be accepted as associate members of the Society. The same conditions apply as for individual members, but they are not eligible to participate in the duties and functions of the Praesidium.

The annual membership fee is 30 €.

Contact ECLSO


Have a question about membership or eligibility please get in touch.​

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