Mandelieu 2018


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     Comfort and lenses

    P-01 - Antioxidant Protection of a Model Tear-Film Component in Soft Contact Lenses

     Christophe DE COMBEJEAN (Jacksonville, USA)

    P-02 - Antioxidant Capacity of a Phenolic Benzotriazole (Norbloc) in Soft Contact Lens Materials: A Benefit Beyond UV Blocking

     Christophe DE COMBEJEAN (Jacksonville, USA)

    P-03 - Crosslink density influences the adhesive strength of silicone hydrogel surfaces against corneal epithelial cells

     Christophe DE COMBEJEAN (Jacksonville, USA)

    P-04 - Corneal epithelial thickness and corneal curvatures changes during the day: The effects of daily disposable contact lens wear

     Semra AKKAYA TURHAN (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-05 - Comparison of Senofilcon A and Samfilcon A silicone hydrogel bandage contact lenses on postoperative pain and on epithelial healing time after transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy

     Buse GUNERI BESER (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-06 - The effect of contact lens manufacture technology and material on pre-corneal tear film and non-invasive tear break up time

     Acar MUTLU (Ankara, TURKEY)

    P-07 - Visual rehabilitation with hybrid contact lens in patients with irregular cornea

     Seung Hyuck LEE (Sungnam, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)

    P-08 - Fully-automatic measurement of rigid gas-permeable contact lens movement using patient's blinking videos

     Hassan REZAZADEH (Tehran, IRAN)


     Free Topics

    P-09 - Challenges of Tonometry by ocular response analyzer in keratoconus and contact lens induced corneal warpage

     Fateme ALIPOUR (Tehran, IRAN)

    P-10 - The impact of learning and experience on time taken to apply and remove contact lenses

     Christophe DE COMBEJEAN (Jacksonville, USA)

    P-11 - Calculator of the astigmatism induced by back surface toric rigid gas-permeable lens and its use in two case reports

     Daniela MALAGUIDO (São Paulo, BRAZIL)

    P-12 - Comparisson of corneal asymmetry index between two groups: indigenous and afroecuadorians.

     Antonio LÓPEZ-ALEMANY (Valencia, SPAIN)

    P-13 - Comparative study of corneal asphericity between two population groups: Indo-Americans and Afro-Ecuadorians.

     Andrea VILLEGAS-TERAN, (Valencia, SPAIN)

    P-14 - Potential Malpractice Cases of Non-Ophthalmologists in Contact Lenses?

     Kazim Hilmi OR (Istanbul, TURKEY)



    P-15 - Adapted fluence corneal cross- linking in mild to moderate keratoconus- short term results

     Fateme ALIPOUR (Tehran, IRAN)

    P-16 - The relationship between choice of contact lens type in keratoconic eyes and severity of keratoconus

     Ferah OZCELIK (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-17 - Wound healing after corneal collagen cross-linking using different epithelial removal techniques: Epikeratome versus a blunt spatula

     Berru YARGI (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-18 - Isotonic riboflavin solution with HPMC in thin corneas: Intraoperative pachymetric changes and long-term efficacy

     Semra AKKAYA TURHAN (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-19 - Efficacy of conventional versus accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking in pediatric keratoconus: 2-year outcomes

     Semra AKKAYA TURHAN (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-20 - The impact of keratoconus on vision related quality of life: NEI Refractive Error Quality of Life Instrument-42

     Semra AKKAYA TURHAN (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-21 - Comparative Long-term Outcomes of Conventional and Accelerated (9 mW/cm2) Corneal Collagen Crosslinking in Progressive Keratoconus

     Yagmur Seda YESILTAS (Ankara, TURKEY)

    P-22 - Eyebrid contact lenses to fit keratoconus: about three cases

     Juliette KNOERI (Paris, FRANCE)

    P-23 - Keratoconus early detection

     Dean SARIC (Zagreb, CROATIA)

    P-24 - Characteristics of Astigmatism after MyoRing Implantation

     Masoud KHORRAMI NEJAD (Tehran, IRAN)

    P-25 - Corneal asphericity changes after MyoRing implantation in moderate and severe keratoconus.

     Mahsa RANJBAR PAZOOKI (Tehran, IRAN)


     Ocular surface disease

    P-26 - Central toxic keratopathy after small incision lenticule extraction

     Kyungmin KOH (Seoul, REPUBLIC OF KOREA)

    P-27 - The ocular surface questionnaires as a stimulus of the symptomatology in the patient.

     Antonio LÓPEZ-ALEMANY (Valencia, SPAIN)

    P-28 - Therapeutic use of scleral contact lenses in a patient with neurotrophic persistent epithelial defect

     Omur UCAKHAN-GUNDUZ, (Ankara, TURKEY)

    P-29 - Are scleral lenses safer for meibomian glands?

     Moatez Billah MEKKI (Algiers, ALGERIA)

    P-30 - How can we protect the ocular surface.

     Adriana STANILA (Sibiu, ROMANIA)

    P-32 - Comparison of Efficacy of Different Treatments in Severe Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis Cases

     Sukran BEKDEMIR (Diyarbakir, TURKEY)

    P-33 - The effect of reading task on tear film stability and blinking

     Anete PETROVA (Riga, LATVA)


     Speciality Lenses

    P-36 - Hybrid Contact Lens Orthokeratology for High Astigmatism

     Trinh DOAN, O.D. (Carlsbad, USA)

    P-37 - Evaluating the impact of wearing Soft Toric, RGP and MSD Contact Lenses on corneal structure and contrast sensitivity over 6months

     Fateme ALIPOUR (Tehran, IRAN)

    P-38 - Experience of applying cosmetic Etafilcon A contact lens in cases with microcornea

     Ferah OZCELIK (Istanbul, TURKEY)

    P-39 - Lasik and contact lens challenge

     Marcelo SOBRINHO (Campinas, BRAZIL)


     Vision and lenses

    P-42 - Visual performance with a daily disposable contact lens compared to best corrected sphero-cylindrical spectacle refraction

     Christophe DE COMBEJEAN (Jacksonville, USA)

    P-43 - New and existing wearer experience with a multifocal, daily disposable contact lens

     Christophe DE COMBEJEAN (Jacksonville, USA)

    P-44 - Scleral Contact Lenses In the Management of Irregular Astigmatism

     Yagmur Seda YESILTAS (Ankara, TURKEY)

    P-45 - Central corneal endothelium morphometric parameters in soft contact lens wearers



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