ECLSO Webinar 2021 - Programme

10.00 am CEST

An update on the treatment options for keratoconus

Moderator: Carina Koppen, Belgium

10.00 am - What’s the rub?, Damien Gatinel, France
10.15 am - How much crosslinking do we really need?, Farhad Hafezi, Switzerland
10.30 am - A contact lens for everyone’s taste, Carina Koppen, Belgium
10.45 am - Can refractive surgery fix keratoconus?, Theo Seiler jr, Switzerland
11.00 am - How to tailor transplant surgery to the individual patient’s needs, Alfonso Iovieno, Canada
11.15 am - Panel discussion, questions from the audience


11.45 am CEST

Alcon symposium

TOTAL30™ - new monthly water gradient contact lenses from Alcon

Learn about the latest innovation from Alcon, TOTAL30™ monthly water gradient contact lenses.
Please visit the Alcon virtual booth to learn more about our contact lens, lens care and dry eye product portfolios.

Speakers: Professor Eric Papas from the School of Optometry and Visual Science at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Dr. Inma Perez-Gomez, Director Professional Affairs Europe, Alcon IMG, Switzerland

12.00 Break


1.00 pm CEST

Myopia management: What every ophthalmologist needs to know

Moderator: Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz, Turkey

1.00 pm - Genetics, Epidemiology and Clinical Relevance, Caroline Klaver, Netherlands
1.20 pm - Efficacy in Myopia Control, Noel A. Brennan, USA
1.40 pm - Case Studies in Myopia Management, Virginie Madariaga, France
2.00 pm - Panel discussion, questions from the audience


2.30 pm CEST

Coopervision symposium

Ready to take on myopia with MiSight® 1 day lenses

MiSight 1 day: Results of a 6-year clinical study with MiSight 1 day and key learnings
Speaker: Elizabeth Lumb, Director Global Professional Affairs, Myopia Management

The right indications and how to act in our daily ophthalmologist’s practice
Speaker: Doctor Houda Baïz

2.45 pm CEST

Johnson&Johnson symposium

Eye inspired innovations for your patients
Speaker: Dr. Banu Arslan, MD
Johnson&Johnson Vision Care, Turkey, Middle East & Africa

3.15 pm CEST