List of the ECLSO Kersley Lecturers

Once every two years, alternating with the Fick-Kalt-Müller Award, a member of the Society will be invited to give a lecture at the Annual Scientific Congress. The member should already have presented a paper to the Society which was of good scientific content and which would merit a further presentation. The Secretary-General will invite suggestions from the National Representatives 18 months before the date of presentation. The Praesidium will select the speaker from these suggestions

H.J. Kersley 1939-2000


Nicolas PESCOLIDO (Italy) at the 2003 Congress in Venice
Title: Model of the oxygen distribution across the cornea and contact lens

Roger BUCKLEY (United Kingdom) at the 2005 Congress in London
Title: The corneal endothelium in contact lens wearers

Anna Maria AMBROZIAK (Poland) at the 2007 Congress in Antwerp
Title: Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses - Past, Present and Future Where are we now?

OmürUCAKHAN-GUNDUZ (Turkey) at the 2009 Congress in Paris
Title: Scheimpflug Imaging: Advantages and Clinical Applications

Christina GRUPCHEVA (Bulgaria) at the 2011 Congress in Istanbul
Title: The corneal universe - mission possible by in vivo confocal microscopy

Andrena MC ELVANNEY (United Kingdom) at the 2013 Congress in Munich
Title: Therapeutic contact lenses: clinical applications in ocular surface disease

Ahmet ÖZMEN (Turkey) at the 2015 Congress in Izmir
Title: Aphakia correction in children: contact lenses vs. IOL implantation

Stephen TUFT (United Kingdom) at the 2017 Congress in London
Title: Genetics and Corneal Disease - an overview