Fick-Kalt-Müller Medal Recipients

The ECLSO Fick-Kalt-Müller Award commemorates the doctors who invented contact lenses in 1887-1888. It is a scientific prize awarded every second year to honour individual achievements or significant collective work in the field of medical contactology . The President of the ECLSO proposes the recipient of the award to the Praesidium and requests their approval

Name Year Congress
Florence Malet 2018 Mandelieu
Bruce Koffler (USA) 2016 Paris
Lorenzo Mannucci (Italy) 2014 Dubrovnik
Ayfer Kanpolat (Turkey) 2012 Nice
Mihály Végh (Hungary) 2010 Warsaw
Albert Franceschetti (Switzerland) 2008 Vilnius
Erling Dreisler (Denmark) 2006 Dubrovnik
René Fritsch (France) 2004 Budapest
Francis Smulders (The Netherlands) 2002 Bordeaux
Bruno Miller (Austria) 2001 Santander
Gabriel Elie (France) 1999 Geneva
H. Jonathan Kersley (United Kingdom) 1997 Tampere
Paul Cochet (France) 1995 Clermont-Ferrand
Hikmet Kandemir (Turkey) 1993 Amsterdam
Hans Walter Roth (Germany) 1991 London
Christiane Maréchal-Courtois (Belgium) 1989 Istanbul
Istvan Gyorffy (Hungary) 1987 Grenoble
Wulf Ehrich (France) 1985 Aachen
Robert Heitz (France) 1983 Gottenburg