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December 2019

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Welcome to NEW INFORMATION from the ECLSO Praesidium and reports on the meetings of National Societies.
The ECLSO Praesidium wishes all of you a HAPPY 2020, with lots of success in your private and scientific careers!
Carina Koppen, MD

ECLSO President

Carina Koppen, MD
Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz , MD

ECLSO Secretary-General
Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz , MD
Happy New Year

Contents :
   September 18th and 19th 2020, in NOVOTEL Tour Eiffel in PARIS
II. Meeting of the National Society in Jeddah (Dr Ursula Vogt)
III. News from the MCLOSA Meeting in London (Dr Ursula Vogt)
IV. Meeting of the Tunisian National Society (Dr Ursula Vogt)
V. Overview of topics in the National Society Congress of Rumania (Dr Adriana Stanila)


ECLSO 2020, Paris

We will start the first day with a session on Keratoconus, featuring Dr Farhad Hafezi (Zürich, Switzerland, Dr Elke Kreps (Ghent, Belgium), Dr Alfonso Ioveno, British Columbia, Canada).
Second main theme is Trouble Shooting with Scleral lenses, featuring Dr Muriel Schornack, Rochester, USA), Eef van der Worp (Maastricht, the Netherlands).
In the afternoon the main theme is Ocular Surface moderated by Dr Christophe Baudouin (Paris, France), Dr Andrea Leonardi (Padua, Italy), Dr José Benitez del Castillo (Madrid, Spain).
The second Congress day will be entirely devoted to Myopia Control focusing on a pragmatical approach and highlights of the IMI White Papers.
Moderators: Dr James Wolffsohn (Birmingham, UK), Dr Frank Schaeffel (Tübingfen,Germany), Dr Matthie Leconte, (Rouen, France), Dr Keith Tempany (Broadstone, UK), Prof. Ian Flitcroft (Dublin, Ireland). EACCME accreditation has been applied for.
Call for abstracts will be open from January 2020 – registration from April 2020 through a link on the website.

For all information, consult our website (www.eclso.eu), our congress organiser (regist-eclso@europa-organisation.com) and our ECLSO Secretary-General Dr Ömür Uçakhan-Gündüz (omuru@yahoo.com).



Ala Paduca

The 5th RED SEA OPHTHALMOLOGY SYMPOSIUM took place in Jeddah Saudi Arabia from 20th-23rd November 2019 and our Honorary ECLSO Treasurer Dr Ursula Vogt was invited as (the only female) keynote speaker by the organising committee.
This was a real international congress with 48 international speakers from 49 counties and 3200 attendees. The congress was held on the luxurious King Abdulla International Convention Centre at Ritz Carlton Hotel. The opening ceremony was attended by HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Saud, who is the Honorary President of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society.
The Congress focussed on latest research, clinical symposiums and updates in lectures, courses and workshop sessions on Cornea diseases, Retina, Cataract Surgery, Paediatrics, Refractive Surgery and Optometry.
Ursula’s keynotes lecture was on Contact lenses - The Essentials and she also gave lectures and workshops on Paediatric contact lens fitting and Presbyopic contact lens treatment. The lectures and courses were extremely well attended, the delegates expressed a great interest and participated tremendously with valuable questions and contributions.
At the gala dinner overlooking the 853-foot King Fahd’s Fountain, reputed to be the highest in the world, Ursula and some other keynote speakers were honoured with a leather bound certificate.
Ursula’s attendance at the 5th Red Sea Ophthalmological Symposium in Jeddah was a truly memorable event and certainly has manifested the cooperation between Saudi Ophthalmologists and the ECLSO.





The Medical Contact Lens and Ocular Surface Association MCLOSA celebrated their 26th Annual Meeting in the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London on Friday 29th November 2019, the same venue as the joint congress with the ECLSO in 2017 which was a resounding success.
This year’s programme started with the Welcome from the President Mr Chris Hemmerdinger and was followed by a faculty of National and International leading experts, providing pearls of wisdom on their specialist topics.
The morning session opened with the Bron Award Presentations with two author competing.
Navdeet Dhillon, Queen Victoria Hospital East Grinstead, spoke on Corneal Neurotisation- a novel approach in the management of Neurotrophic Keratopathy, presented the method of her study of 11 patients and the results and concluded that neurotisation surgery demonstrates a safe treatment option for neurotrophic keratopathy.

Dr Sundas Maqsood, Queen Victoria Hospital, presented The management of persistent corneal epithelial defect with Omnilenz. It was a retrospective study on 30 patients with 38 persistent epithelial defect and 49 Omnilens applications in clinical settings and she concluded that initial results show safety and efficacy of a new lens tool in the management of persistent corneal epithelial defect.
This session was directly followed by Professor Dan Reinstein’s Symposia on “Corneal imaging”. Dan himself presented a topical and stimulating lectures on Topography/Tomography and Epithelial mapping. Professor Bernhard Steger from Innsbruck, Austria, explained Ocular Surface Angiography and Dr Vito Romano, Liverpool, showed us his Selective Fine Needle Diathermy approach.

2019 Kersley Lecture-Progress in managing infections of the ocular surface

We were fortunate to welcome the 2019 Kersley lecturer Professor Stephen Kaye, Honorable Professor of Ophthalmology – Department of Eye & Vision Science, University of Liverpool. Professor Kaye won the Royal College of Ophthalmologists 2018 Researcher of the Year Award in recognition of his research into diseases of the cornea and ocular surface, corneal transplantation, corneal infections and refractive disorders and he outlined fabulously the “Progress in managing infections of the ocular surface” for which Mr Chris Hemmerdinger presented him with the Kersley Lecture Award.
The early afternoon Neurotrophic Keratitis session, designed and chaired by Professor Francisco Figueiredo, featuring Ocular surface expert Dr Paolo Rama from Italy who looked at the medical management and world renowned paediatric/corneal & external eye disease Profressor Asim Ali, Toronto, giving us the surgical treatment approach.
The all-important Medical contact lens session “ Hot off the press “ was a more informal “chat-show” style discussion around “ Myopia management” and “ New innovations - now and in future” by Mr Keyur Patel and Mr Brian Tomkins, as always highly entertaining!
Dr Navpreet Dhillon won the Bron Presentation Award and cash prize for her research and presentation on Corneal Neurotisation.
All in all we enjoyed a fantastic MCLOSA meeting, with excellent exhibition and interesting, educational stimulating contributions and friendly atmosphere.

Ursula Vogt

Dr U Vogt, Hon Treasurer ECLSO




Congratulations to Dr Nadia Korchane!

She had organised this excellent contactology meeting in the Tunis-ARENA on Saturday 26th October 2019 for ophthalmologists.
National and international speakers presented on ametropia, adaptation of contact lenses, myopia control, OCT, allergy and glaucoma and contact lenses.

Dr Ursula Vogt (ECLSO) showed an epidemiology profile with results of international research studies, and stressed the importance of paediatric detection of the refractive error and early treatment.

Dr Moataz B. Mekki (Algerie) gave a most interesting presentation on astigmatism detection and recommended the need for full correction with contact lenses.

Dr Helene Bertrand (France) delighted the audience with her key note speech on myopia control, with various treatments and reading materials.

Active workshops on refraction, toric lenses and presbyopic contact lens fitting kept the delegates’ attention in the afternoon.

Medailles d’or de ASTOC SO were given for excellence and good partnership to STO- Dr Chachia, Dr Mekki -SMOC and Dr Vogt – ECLSO.

The conference was truly a global gathering of Ophthalmologists with excellent national and international speakers and interested delegates.

All in all a great success! Well done Nadia!!

Dr U Vogt
Medical ophthalmologist and contact lens specialist
ECLSO Treasurer



Romanian contact lens

Prof. dr. Adriana Stanila, ECLSO Vice-President, reported on the very successful meeting of the Romanian Contact Lenses and Ocular Surface Society in Sibiu on November 8th – 10th. More than 400 participants and 21 sponsors joined in a meeting with outstanding topics focusing on early diagnosis and prevention of corneal epithelial defects, keratoconus management and early detection of corneal-conjunctival changes in congenital glaucome.
Congratulations to the Romanian Society!

Thank you for your interest and support and let us meet at our 49th Congress in Paris, Novotel Tour Eiffel, on September 18th-19th 2020.

ECLSO and the ECLSO Praesidium decline all responsibility for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in this Newsletter


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