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Dear Friends of ECLSO, dear Colleagues,


We hope this message finds you well and in good health.

We are passing through unprecedented times, and after a year with COVID-19, we still cannot foresee when we can get back to "normal". Practising ophthalmology has become increasingly hard at this time, with the burden of COVID-19 measures.

Such circumstances have led to the decision to postpone the ECLSO 2021 conference once again: for September 2021 we do not have enough guarantees that our participants will be able to travel freely and/or that we will be allowed to meet in larger numbers in a Paris congress room. Our sponsors have also confirmed that they do not support live conferences in Q3 of 2021. Therefore, instead of holding a live meeting in September, we will be organising an online Symposium on September 4th 2021. Topics for the webinar are: "An update on the treatment options for keratoconus" and "Myopia management: what every ophthalmologist needs to know". At this occasion we will also hold the ECLSO statutory meetings (National Representatives’ meeting and General Assembly).

On top of that, our Vice-President dr Adriana Stanila, has invited ECLSO to organise a Symposium at the Rumanian Contact Lens Society in Sibiu. We hope can meet there in person on November 26th, 27th and 28th 2021.

In this way we will try to keep the contact with our members and our friends as lively as possible, and continue to fulfil the ECLSO mission of informing ophthalmologists and contact lens professionals over the whole world about recent developments in contactology and the related topics of myopia management, corneal and ocular surface diseases.

One of these weeks, another ECLSO Newsletter will appear. As an essential part of the continuing collaboration between ECLSO members, we would very much appreciate if you could share with us a study, the result of an investigation or a presentation you made recently, so that we can include it in our Newsletter. A word of thanks to the National Representative of Turkey, Dr Sevda Kurna, who has sent us an interesting synopsis of her study and research on soft toric contact lenses for publication in the Newsletter.

Let us stay confident and rely on one another for support and friendship!

KOPPEN Carina's picture
ECLSO President
Carina Koppen, MD

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Secretary-General of ECLSO
Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz , MD