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Dear Members of ECLSO, dear colleagues, dear friends,

The first face to face Congress of ECLSO in 4 years time that took place on September 2nd and 3rd 2022, in the Novotel in Paris, was a major success, not only because of the number of participants, but especially because of the warm athmosphere and sense of feeling united in our attempt to present quality information on the medical use and care of contact lenses, diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface disease and last but not least the multi-pronged fight against myopia.

Dry eye session

Myopia Management

Scleral Lens Panel: From L to R: Eef van der worp, Carina Koppen, Gabriela Seher, Ömür Uçakhan, Muriel Schornack, Lynette Johns


ECLSO also was faithful to the tradition of honouring those colleagues who have been a cornerstone to our Society. The Fick-Kalt-Müller Award, the highest Award of the Society, was presented to Dr René Mély, Past President.

René Mély receiving the Fick-Kalt-Müller Award


Dr Ebru Toker, former Vice-President of the Society, gave the Kersley Lecture with the title: "Stain without Pain: current management of neurotrophic keratitis". Thank you Ebru!

This major Congress gave us the opportunity to organise two instructional courses for young ophthamologists, one in French and one in English. The course in English will be available online soon.

As to the future, the voice of ECLSO will continue to be heard because contact lenses are an integral part of any ophthalmological and professional eye care practice. That is why the ECLSO President will participate as an invited speaker in the World Cornea Conference in Chicago (September 28-29,2022). Throughout the coming year we will be organising Symposia at different National Contact Lens Societies. ECLSO will also be present at the SOE conference in Prague (June 15-17, 2023), where a meeting with the National Representatives and the annual General Assembly are planned.

As ECLSO we believe in a model of collaboration where, in the interest of the patient, all eye care professionals who want to acquire or share knowledge on contact lenses are welcome to become members or associate members, and participate in our activities.

ECLO Praesidium and National Representatives


All of this, however, is only possible thanks to the generous support of our loyal sponsors and your active contribution by attending our meetings and staying in contact.

ECLSO cares for you!

Thank you!


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ECLSO President
Carina Koppen, MD

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Secretary-General of ECLSO
Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz , MD