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Dear Members of ECLSO, dear friends, dear colleagues,

On September 2nd and 3rd, 2022, ECLSO will organise its 49th biannual Major Congress in Paris, Novotel Tour Eiffel, 61 Quai de Grenelle.

In accordance with the ECLSO mission, the main themes of the congress are Contact Lenses and Ocular Surface. More specifically we will be discussing the management of “Infectious keratitis” and the potential role of UV crosslinking. The colleagues of the European Dry Eye Society will provide you with an update on selected topics relevant for your DED clinical practice. In the session “Scleral Lenses: The Learning Curve” we aim to present the latest evidence based information as well guidance in starting up a scleral lens practice to those of you less familiar with sclerals. Myopia management will be the topic of the second day’s programme: international experts will offer a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge in this field. In the invited Kersley Lecture on “Neurotrophic keratitis” prof Ebru Toker will explain how to deal with this potentially devastating eye condition. Dedicated sessions will offer a stage for international contact lens societies from the USA, Japan and Brazil as well as for our industry partners. Ample time is reserved at the end of each session for your questions and for panel discussion.

ECLSO aims to promote continuous education and information of eye care specialists interested in contact lenses and the ocular surface. Our target audience therefore are ophthalmologists and optometrists with an interest in these topics including young ophthalmologists and residents in training as well as allied eye care health personnel.

We do, however, want to emphasize that contactology is an integral part of opthalmological practice. Recent developments in the field of myopia management – a topic all ophthalmologists are confronted with – highlights the fact that medical and contact lens approaches go hand in hand. Not every ophtalmologist has to become a contact lens expert but every colleague does need to be aware of what is going on in the field.

For young ophthalmologists in particular we will organise specific entry level courses, in French “Trucs et astuces pour gérer la contactologie en remplacement” and in English “A Guide to Soft Contact Lenses for Beginners".

ECLSO has learned from its very successful Webinars and online Symposia at several National Ophthalmological Society meetings, that an online presence is very effective. The Paris congress will be – at last – a fully face-to-face meeting, but a selection of sessions will be made available for delayed viewing on the website.

Please find more detailed information about the congress by clicking the buttons on the right hand side of this page. We are inviting our members to get advantage of the early-bird registration fees. Non-members are invited to become a member now and get a chance to register for the Congress at a reduced rate!!

Abstract submission is open! Please share your scientific work with us and submit free paper and/or poster presentations. This year, by tradition, one free paper and one poster will be awarded the Best free paper/poster award, and the winners will be announced on Saturday September 3rd.

Thanks to the continued support of our loyal sponsors we are sure we can set up a lively meeting of high scientific standards.

ECLSO welcomes you!


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ECLSO President
Carina Koppen, MD

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Secretary-General of ECLSO
Ömür Uçakhan-Gunduz , MD