47th ECLSO - 24th MCLOSA Annual Meeting

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologists will hold its 47th Congress jointly with the 24th Medical Contact Lens and Ocular Surface Association from 1st to 2nd December 2017 in the Millenium Hotel in Kensington, London.
This will be the 5th ECLSO congress that takes place in London, the city where our very first ECLSO Meeting had been organised by Montague Ruben in 1971. The following joint meetings between the ECLSO and the MCLA (Medical Contact Lens Association) were in 1980 and in 1991 organised by our late president Jonathan Kersley. MCLA turned into MCLOSA, embraced the ocular surface and in 2005 MCLOSA and the ECLSO had a joint congress in the Royal College of Physician in Regent Park. It turned out to be a very successful meeting, scientifically as well socially. There is always room for improvement and our prediction is the joint ECLSO/MCLOSA congress 2017 in London will even better. An event not to be missed!

This highly prestigious event will be dedicated to further teaching, pioneering and promotion of the latest developments in contact lenses and ocular surface diseases. In fact the link between ocular surface and contact lenses has never been closer. For many cornea specialists contact lenses have been considered in the past more as a source of complication than as a tool to treat diseases. Times have changed and thanks to the re-birth of scleral lenses some severe conditions can now be successfully treated and the most irregular corneas benefit from optical rehabilitation. Corneal reshaping has established as a reversible alternative to refractive surgery and it may slow down myopia progression. This meeting is a unique opportunity for ocular surface specialists to update their knowledge on recent developments in specialty lenses. We can learn from specialists at top of their profession in both fields and unite during this “tour de force” in a friendly atmosphere.
In true tradition there will be various social events organised for you and your partner. If you have the time, you can always consider staying longer and encapsulate all that London has to offer. A truly magnificent capital is there for you to enjoy.
Looking forward to welcoming you to the ECLSO/MCLOSA Congress!
With kindest regards,

Carina Koppen and René Mély
ECLSO Organising Committee

Joint Meeting ECLSO/MCLOSA Scientific Committee
René Mély
Carina Koppen
Zoé Johnson
Alex Shortt

Joint Meeting ECLSO/MCLOSA Organising Committee
René Mély
Carina Koppen
Zoe Johnson
Alex Shortt
Andrena Mc Elvanney
Ursula Vogt