Welcome !

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to our Croatian National Representative, Dr Dean Saric, and our Vice-President, Dr Ksenija Opacic, for inviting us again to Dubrovnik.
In 2005 the ECLSO succeeded in organising one of its very successful meetings in Dubrovnik, this thanks to a perfect collaboration with the local organisers and a lively interest from the numerous participants.

Faithful to the mission of the ECLSO (European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologists), which is to “promote contact lens practice and the study of ocular surface diseases”, we are pleased to offer more detailed specifications on the future ECLSO congress programme in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on October 10th and 11th, 2014.

We will try to repeat this success, this time focusing on the following topics:

  • Current approaches in the treatment of keratoconus : a highlight will be the joint presentation by Prof. E. Spoerl (PhD in Physics and inventor of CXL) and Prof. F. Hafezi (author of numerous publications on CXL), creating a perfect demonstration of translational medicine. Other invited lecturers : Prof. V. Borderie, Dr Aylin Killiç, Prof. C. Koppen, Dr Dean Saric.
  • Presentation of the 3rd TFOS (Tear Film and Ocular Surface) report on contact lens discomfort, presented by Dr F. Malet. This report was drawn up by an international group of experts in the field of Tear Film and Ocular Surface diseases, in collaboration with Dr F. Malet, our Past President.
  • Contact Lens Materials: new developments, presented a.o. by Frank Molock, an expert in lens material chemistry, winner of the Phillip B. Hoffman Award and the Johnson Medal.
  • Contact Lens related infectious diseases, with a special contribution on the “Photoactivated chromophore crosslinking (PACK-CXL)”,  a new paradigm in the treatment of infectious eye disease, initiated by Prof. F. Hafezi.
  • Scleral Lenses: three ground-breaking pioneers offer their perspectives: Lynette Jones, Boston, USA, Henny Otten, Nijmegen, the Netherlands and Ken Pullum, Moorefields Hospital, London, UK.

Of course we also warmly welcome our overseas colleagues from the USA and Brazil : Dr Bruce Koffler and Dr Warren Fagadau (CLAO), Dr Newton Kara-José and Dr Paolo Ricardo (SOBLEC).

We also expect numerous colleagues to present free papers and posters, and – a novelty this year- we invite you to participate in a photo competition, in which you may present a specific picture of a contact lens material related problem during a rapid fire session. The best free paper, poster and/or photo will be selected during the congress and will receive a prize in the closing ceremony.

And last but not least: in order to honour a member of our society who has always promoted the ECLSO and presented numerous contributions during our congresses, the Fick-Kalt-Müller medal will be awarded to Dr Lorenzo Mannucci, the ECLSO representative of Italy.

So please feel welcome to join us  at our congress in Dubrovnik.

See you in Dubrovnik!


General secretary