Welcome !

Thank you to all 300 participants!

The 44th ECLSO Congress in Dubrovnik (Croatia) was a tremendous success thanks to the splendid organisation by our hosts and the high number of enthusiastic participants.
We would also like to thank all the speakers for their excellent presentations. The slides will be available soon on the “programme” button (participants only).
And we also express our gratitude to all our sponsors that keep supporting our congress year after year.

See you next October in Izmir. Information about the final dates and venue will be provided later.

European Study on Contact Lens Related Microbial Keratitis:

Prof T. Bourcier (University of Strasbourg, Department of Ophthalmology) and Dr Florence Abry (Epinal, ECLSO National Representative of France) have launched a European study on Contact Lens Related Microbial Keratitis (see bottom of this page), to the purpose of comparing risk factors for contact lens related microbial keratitis in different European countries.

To this end, Prof Bourcier and Dr Florence Abry have made available two questionnaires in three languages, French, English and German, which can be downloaded from the ECLSO website. The initiators would be grateful if your patients would complete the appropriate questionnaire, either the one for healthy contact lens wearers or the one for microbial keratitis. Of course translation into the patient’s language will be required.

Once completed, the questionnaires can be returned by mail or e-mail to: florence.abry@ch-ed.fr or tristan.bourcier@chru-strasbourg.fr

Thank you for your co-operation !


General secretary